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A Journey to

embody your beauty &

radiate your light

SUN MAY 5, 2024

2:00 PM - 5:00 PM EST


Hosted by Coach Cass



A 3-hour retreat to help you shine your light and embody the brilliance that you are! 

Do you know you are capable, wise, whole and complete but your old patterns keep you reverting to feelings of unworthiness in your day to day life?

Do you long to embody this version of you at the deepest cellular level so that you are able to shine your light and go after the things you know you want in your heart? 


Do you desire to be surrounded with supportive women and community who see you for the brilliance and beauty that you are?


I see you, I feel you, I get you.

And, it's TIME! Time to Bloom into You.


It doesn't serve ANYONE to spend your time forgetting how incredible you are.


And if you are reading this not believing me, or rolling your eyes, then this event is most definitely for you.


At this gathering, we are working in harmony with the season to help you truly bloom into the light and enchantment that you are from the inside out. You will practice feeling comfortable accepting parts of yourself that have been hidden in the shadows and completely disregarded. You will open your heart to the love and self-compassion that is already inside of you


It's time to acknowledge yourself, embody the light you have inside of you and share it with the world.

It's time to live your day to day in the embodied truth of who you are and make this your new way of operating.

Because living this way will transform your inner and outer world.


This has been my own journey of exploration and I'd love to share it with you!


This experience will allow you to explore how to embody this and create rituals for yourself to honour your being, and step into the month with a new energy, vibrancy and heart-connection for yourself first.


And, when we do this in connection with women, in community - and are seen, heard and valued for who we are it completely fills up our cup from the inside out and helps us to transform at the cellular level.


So join me for this nourishing retreat that will revitalize your entire mind, body and spirit!


Heart Opening Circle: Grounding and setting the container and context for BLOOM INTO YOU - aligning with the energy of the season to expand your light. 

Light Shadow Embodiment Exercise: Explore an experiential practice that is designed to help you see the light you have within you that you normally repress!

Movement Inspired by Yoga: Immerse yourself in an experience that encourages a mindful pace, inviting you to calm your mind, sync with your breath, and embrace intuitive movement. Engage in guided, gentle yoga practices designed to help you embody the radiance that you are!

Journalling Ritual: Go deep within to explore blocks, fears and anything holding you back from being the you that you want the world to see more of!

Embodied Meditation: Bring your mind, body and Spirit into harmony as you step into this new feeling and embed it into your cells and anchor it into your new being! Give yourself new life force energy of rebirth and renewal. 

Sound-Infused Shavasana Experience: Indulge in a restorative and relaxing experience, allowing complete surrender to harness the benefits of prana and natural restoration for your nervous system.

Tao Hands Blessing: A soul based blessing to transform any negative mindset, system or organ in the body that is holding you back and infuse it with positive and healing light energy.

Mingle with Love: Bask in the connection of others - with light snacks!

SUN MAY 5, 2024

2:00 PM - 5:00 PM EST






*Early birds on till April 24th.

Prices include HST.

Only 15 spots available! *



Enchantment Coach & Embodiment Facilitator, Cassandra is passionate about helping people create their most enchanted lives: one that is in tune with their body and heart's desires, and expresses their most authentic self.

As an entrepreneur for the past 10 years, she brings her experience as an agent of change to help others step into the life they have always dreamed of. She specializes in leading with the wisdom of the body from her studies in the Art of Presence and soul based healing with Tao Healing Hands.

"If you are ready to experience the next level of your transformation as a woman, Cassandra has an abundance of gifts in the form of practices that guide you through that process. She is steeped in ancient wisdom and takes you on a journey with various techniques that ground you and bring a deep body awareness. This body awareness leads to greater self-knowledge and the much needed self-nurturance required to move through all aspects of earthly life with wisdom. Her peaceful insights and dedication to these practices herself are practical and life-affirming. I highly recommend this group experience." - Diana

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Francesca Diano serves as a guide in the realm of movement, drawing wisdom from the ancient practice of yoga. With a decade of experience, she has devoted herself to enhancing wellness and wellbeing for clients in both North America and Italy.

In her role as a guide, Francesca is dedicated to assisting you in reshaping your life. By blending movement, nutrition, and lifestyle adjustments, she empowers you to rediscover your sense of wellbeing. Through a fusion of breath-inspired movement, dietary shifts, and authentic self-expression, Francesca seeks to help you embrace your individuality fully.

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Address: 65 Densley Ave. Unit 1


CONFETTIMYPARTY is a premium party boutique and balloon bar located in Toronto, Ontario. Specializing in luxury balloons, personalized helium bouquets and magical balloon installations, we also love collaborating with other creative women to support female-led businesses.


The three owners, Elyssa Gagliardi, Viviana Villagran and Cinthia Barbuto, are a best friend trio and true creators at heart, sending balloon happiness across our local communities and the GTA since 2019.

Enjoy our carefully curated selection of trendy partyware in store for this special event!

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What should I wear? We will be moving the body in gentle yoga practices and sitting on the floor so we advise that you wear something that makes you feel comfortable, and a long sleeve or sweater in case you get cold. Be cozy, comfy, and most importantly - wear something that makes you feel good being YOU :)

What should I bring? Please bring a water bottle and yoga mat for the movement portion and a notebook and pen to journal and for the light embodiment practice! Additionally, a curious mind and open heart!

When should I arrive? We suggest planning to arrive 5-10 minutes early so we can all get settled in to the space and start promptly at 2pm. Please ensure you will be on time as we will have to start at the hour!

Can I bring a friend? Of course! There are only 15 spots available for this intimate setting and nature of the event. It is first come first serve, so do your best to reserve your spots as soon as you can!

Can I only come for a portion of the event? Unfortunately not. We ask that you kindly invest the time to be present for the full 3 hours as all of it is created intentionally for you to get the most out of the experience, trust us!

Something came up and I can no longer attend, can I get a refund? When you sign up to this event, we invite you to make the full body commitment to showing up. We are putting a lot of love and intention to cultivating this gathering and we kindly ask that you commit to showing up fully. However, if there is an emergency, please email

I've never been to an event like this before, what else should I be aware of? Our intention is to cultivate a space where you are heard, seen and appreciated for who you truly are. It is an interactive experience, meaning there will be partner sharing and group discussions. If that feels edgy, it's an opportunity to grow at the edge of your comfort zone :) You are safe here!

I have more questions, who can I contact? Please send all questions to or send a text directly to 647-458-4879. Thank you!



Phone: 647-458-4879

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