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Helping you express the 
enchantment that is you

Empowering you to slow down, get in your body and come home to your most magnetic self

Are you a high-achiever, ambitious professional or entrepreneurial leader who wants to make a bigger impact in the world?

Are you trying really hard, but finding that the harder you try, the more depleted, exhausted and anxious you become?


Do you often doubt your abilities, your path and feel like most days you feel not enough no matter how hard you try?

I get it. I've been there, too.

And, no amount of doing more is going to fix your problem.


It’s actually that you are disconnected...


from your passion and true desires.

from the power of possibility.

And, from your body and it's ability to receive. 

My Enchanted Life Programs help to restore women’s connection to themselves and calm their nervous system to uncover a true power that transforms the energy of striving and forcing to becoming a magnet to the things you desire.


And then, you can start making the impact you were born to make.

If you or someone you know wants to make your biggest impact, I invite you to experience a complimentary session.

The Enchanted Life

Online Course

What I Specialize In

This course is for you if...

  • You feel like you are stuck in doing, doing, doing, overworking and constantly overwhelmed without knowing how to slow down and BE

  • You often give (or overgive) to everyone but yourself which makes you depleted, exhausted and have low energy

  • You want to learn how to be open to receive more from life

  • You often go back and forth with your commitment to your path and get caught up in self doubt, uncertainty and indecision about your journey

  • You have thoughts and feelings that keep you stuck in fear and insecurity

  • You know in your heart you have a desire to make change and connect more to your passion but you don't know your direction

  • You are seeking ways to reconnect with your Self on a deeper level

  • You feel a desire for change and want to have accountability and support from a community of other passionate women

  • You are wanting a new way of living and BEING in alignment with your soul!

Does this sound like you?

The next cohort starts fall 2024.

"I absolutely loved being a part of this impactful program with Cassandra.


She was an engaged, professional, genuine and magnetic facilitator who always made sure everyone felt heard and appreciated. I was working through a difficult time during the program and it provided me with various tools and techniques that really helped my recovery. In fact, I use many of those tools to this day on my healing journey toward self-love and feminine empowerment. I can't speak highly enough of this experience. Not only did I find the practices helpful, but I continued the work based on Cassandra's recommendations. Thank you so much for helping me reconnect with myself and love myself more! This work really is life changing! THANK YOU xoxo"

- A.C

Working with Cassandra was a stunningly beautiful experience. She is an incredible guide, and teacher. I felt so safe, and supported as we worked through the many offerings Cassandra brought to the classes. The practices that she shares are truly transformational, and I left feeling grounded, open to receiving love, and deeply connected to my highest Self. Cassandra has such a caring, and calming way of facilitating that I left each class with a profound sense of rejuvenation and gratitude. If you feel as though you aren't showing up in the way you want to be in your life, or like something is holding you back from being who you want to be, I cannot recommend this course more highly!

- T.S

If you care to look into the corners of your inner world and be amazed at what you find there and if you want to be guided to a more magnetic version of yourself, then look no further than this course, coached and led by Cassandra. She is a caring and conscientious 'sherpa' who will empathetically and effectively guide you to your (more) radiant and vibrant self. I highly recommend this course as presented via Cassandra's expertise.

- F.A

The Journey Towards Enchantment Begins on the Path of Reconnection to the Self.


Begin Your Journey Today.

1:1 coaching also available.

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© 2024, Coaching with Cass

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